Preview of Tentative Tutorials


Full Day Tutorials: 9:00am - 6:00pm


Title Organizers Description
  Introduction to Deep Learning with AWS DeepRacer    NIST
(William Harrison, Sahika Genc)
Blake Hament (Student Chair)
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) present "How I Went from Zero to Almost Hero with Neural Networks" as a primer

  Deep Representation and Estimation of State for Robotics   Fei-Fei Li (Faculty Chair),
Danfei Xu, Kuan Fang, De-An Huang, Jeannette Bohg (Student Chairs)

Erwin Coumans, and Yunfei Bai

Erwin Coumans (Google Brain) and Yunfei Bai (Google X Robotics) will present on sim-to-real, locomotion, PyBullet simulation, and fine-tuning latent representation in the real world. Jeannette Bohg will discuss explicit versus learned state representations, best practices for learning robot policies, and fusing heterogeneous sensor data.

  Introduction to Bio-Inspired Robotics    Hamid Marvi (Faculty Chair), Hosain Bagheri (Student Chair)
   Robert J. Full, Ronald S. Fearing, Elliot W. Hawkes, Michael T.
   Tolley,Sangbae Kim, Daniel Goldman, David Hu, Rolf Mueller

The morning session will cover research topics related to terrestrial bio-inspired robotics, presented by Robert J. Full, Ronald S. Fearing, Sangbae Kim, and Daniel Goldman.
The afternoon session will explore state-of-the-art bio-inspired soft robotics research, presented by Hamid Marvi, Michael T. Tolley, Rolf Mueller, Elliot W. Hawkes, and David Hu

 Introduction to Space Robotics    William Beksi (Faculty Chair),
Joe Cloud(Student Chair)

   Rob Mueller, Kurt Leucht, Michael DuPuis, Issa Nesnas
NASA researchers will give demos and tutorials on in-situ resource utilization, mobility and autonomy for space robots.
   Introduction to Haptics for Next Generation XRI   Marcia O'Malley (Faculty Chair),
Zane Zook (Student Chair)

  Lt. Col. Chad Tossel, Lynette Jones
Coming soon
  Introduction to Microsoft PSI    Maja Matarić (Faculty Chair),
Thomas Groechel,
Christopher Birmingham
(Student Chair)

 Sean Andrist, Dan Bohus
 Researchers will present the development, fielding, and study of integrative AI systems.