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(09/07/20): Announced that IROS 2020 will not be held in-person. The safety and well-being of our participants is our priority. With the continued resurgence of COVID-19 within the State of Nevada, in particular Las Vegas, along with the city’s prohibiting large or even moderately-sized public gatherings, it makes it an impossibility to hold the in-person event as originally planned.

(09/23/20): Announced that IROS 2020 is free with access to every Technical Talk, Plenary and Keynote, over 60 Workshops and Tutorials, the Competitions, and includes publishing of accepted papers in the IROS Proceedings and IEEE XPlore.

This unprecedented offering is made possible thanks to the support and leadership of the Sponsoring Societies: the Robotics Society of Japan (RSJ); the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS); the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES); the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE); and the New Technology Foundation (NTF) in light of COV-19, to share the latest advances in robotics, and to broaden attendance globally.

IROS 2020 Awarded Papers
Award Category Title and Authors of Winning Paper
Best Paper Award SwingBot: Learning Physical Features from In-Hand Tactile Exploration
for Dynamic Swing-Up Manipulation
Authors: Wang, Chen; Wang, Shaoxiong; Romero, Branden; Veiga,
Filipe Fernandes; and Adelson, Edward
Best Student Paper Award Computational Design of Balanced Open Link Planar Mechanisms with
Counterweights from User Sketches
Authors: Takahashi, Takuto; Okuno, Hiroshi G.; Sugano, Shigeki;
Coros, Stelian; and Thomaszewski, Bernhard
IROS Best Paper Award on Agri-Robotics
Sponsored by YANMAR
Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Transferring Plant Classification Systems
to New Field Environments, Crops, and Robots
Authors: Gogoll, Dario; Lottes, Philipp; Weyler, Jan; Petrinic, Nik;
and Stachniss, Cyrill
IROS Best Paper Award on Cognitive Robotics
Sponsored by KROS
Representation and Experience-Based Learning of Explainable Models
for Robot Action Execution
Authors: Mitrevski, Alex; Plöger, Paul G.; and Lakemeyer, Gerhard
IROS Best Paper Award on Robot Mechanisms and Design
Sponsored by ROBOTIS
FreeBOT: A Freeform Modular Self-Reconfigurable Robot with Arbitrary
Connection Point - Design and Implementation
Authors: Liang, Guanqi; Luo, Haobo; Li, Ming; Qian, Huihuan; and Lam, Tin Lun
IROS Best Application Paper Award
Sponsored by ICROS
MHYRO: Modular HYbrid RObot for Contact Inspection and Maintenance
in Oil & Gas Plants
Authors: López, Abraham; Sanchez-Cuevas, Pedro J; Suarez, Alejandro;
Soldado, Ámbar; Ollero, Anibal; et al
IROS Best Entertainment and Amusement Paper Award
Sponsored by JTCF
Towards Micro Robot Hydrobatics: Vision-based Guidance, Navigation, and Control
for Agile Underwater Vehicles in Confined Environments
Authors: Duecker, Daniel Andre; Bauschmann, Nathalie; Hansen, Tim;
Kreuzer, Edwin; and Seifried, Robert
IROS Best Paper Award on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics
in memory of Motohiro Kisoi sponsored by IRSI
Autonomous Spot: Long-Range Autonomous Exploration of Extreme
Environments with Legged Locomotion
Authors: Bouman, Amanda; Ginting, Muhammad Fadhil; Alatur, Nikhilesh;
Palieri, Matteo; Fan, David D; Et al
IROS Best RoboCup Paper Award
Sponsored by RoboCup Federation
Real-Time Constrained Nonlinear Model Predictive Control on SO(3) for
Dynamic Legged Locomotion
Authors: Hong, Seungwoo; Kim, Joon-Ha; and Park, Hae-Won

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