Forums (and Note on Organized Sessions)

(Last Updated Oct 3, 2020)

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IROS 2020 envisions a traditional format: all accepted papers will be allotted 12-15 minutes for oral presentation in one session (5 to 8 papers). Final number of minutes and session sizes will be determined in mid-July 2020. At this time, interactive presentations are not being considered for IROS 2020.


Forums :


In recent years, IROS hosted multiple Forums revolving on topics involving industry, government, and entrepreneurship. Unlike papers, presentations in a Forum are not archived in Xplore. Nonetheless, a Forum is an important stage to spotlight topics, share info, and network.


Potential Forum Organizers should email ([email protected]) the General Chair (GC), ideally no later than early February 2020. The email would motivate the needs and goals for the Forum and potential speakers and expected attendance. This would help assess if a full Forum proposal should be submitted in PaperPlaza by the February 15, 2020 (23:59 PST) deadline.


Organized Sessions :


IROS 2020 will not accepted Organized Session Proposals.


IROS’ growth has been reflected by the number of parallel sessions. An organized session in the past served a purpose; it provided a stage and spotlight in an area that did not traditionally fit in the program. However, in recent years, the number of parallel sessions has between 14 to 20 - covering almost every research domain in robotics. Given this format, it is very likely that an organized session proposal will align with one of the many sessions.


Adding sessions must be done with care. Comprehensive coverage is important but too many sessions risks attenuating attendee experiences. As such, IROS 2020 will not accept Organized Session Proposals. Instead, while not archived in Xplore, potential organizers may wish to consider Forums, Workshops and Tutorials as alternative mechanisms for discourse, delivery and exchange.


After papers have been submitted, a potential organizer who had a list of colleagues’ papers in mind for a session, may wish to contact the Program Chair (PC). That list of paper ID numbers, authors and titles will be kept in mind. However, all IROS papers will go through rigorous review. Attempts to gather accepted papers from that list into a session may be made by the PC and Senior Program Committee (SPC). One should note that the PC and SPC keep “load balance” in mind: sessions are created to reflect aspects like: geographical regions; theory versus experimental; and research versus system integration. Such load balancing may then assign accepted papers from that list to other sessions.