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Registration for IROS 2020 On-Demand is free.

For those who already registered on Cvent, you have already been automatically signed-up for On-Demand; you have nothing else to do. All others must sign-up:

Visit IROS On-Demand Sign-Up to register for free access

IROS On-Demand (goes live Oct 25, 2020) is the platform to view pre-recorded videos of the 1400+ Technical Talks, Plenaries and Keynotes, and 60+ Workshops and Tutorials.

The Technical Talks are grouped into 12 categories (called carousels). Each carousel hosts 20 sessions on average (called shows). Each show hosts 5-8 technical talks (called episodes). Each talk features its digest slide, pre-recorded video presentation, and the paper's PDF.

IROS On-Demand
Carousel Name Number of Sessions
Air, Sea, and Space Robots 20
Driverless Vehicles and Field Robots 19
Medical, Cellular, Micro and Nano Robots 15
Humanoids, Exoskeletons, and Rehab Robots 21
Localization, Mapping and Navigation 42
Dynamics, Control and Learning 27
Design, Mechanisms, Actuators, Soft and Bio-Inspired Robots 21
Perception, Action, and Cognition 38
Grasping, Haptics and End-effectors 20
Human-Robot Interaction, Teleoperation, and Virtual Reality 17
Swarms and Multi-Robots 11
Industry 4.0 8

Because all content is pre-recorded, one is freed from global time zone differences. This enables one to easily access content, anywhere, anytime, and with any device. More details (like 15-second User Intro video) of On-Demand will be released when it goes live Oct 25, 2020.

Unlike in-person conferences, interactive networking events (like Lunch with Leaders and Town Hall Meetings) are impractical with On-Demand, given global time zone differences. However, the IROS Original Series hosts unique content that would be difficult to see at in-person events; this novel series will feature candid interviews of unique members of our community and lab tours.

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