Archived Chronology

(last updated Oct 1, 2020)



Date Notes
10/01/20 IROS 2020 website open and Call for Submissions released
02/03/20 Posting: "The IROS 2020 Organizing Committee is monitoring the evolving coronavirus situation. Conference submission deadlines remain firm as posted on the website. Please check back periodically for updates regarding possible changes to address the concerns."
02/24/20 RA-L (with IROS option) submission deadline
03/01/20 Paper submission deadline
03/11/20 Posting: Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update - IROS 2020 organizers and IEEE continue to monitor the situation. At present, the conference is proceeding as planned. All accepted and registered papers will be published in the conference proceedings. In the event that the development of the coronavirus does not allow some participants/presenters to be present in person at the conference site, we plan to explore options for online/remote presentations. Further information will be posted on this website when available. IEEE recommended links:
World Health Organization
Centers for Disease Control
IEEE Event Attendee Health and Safety Resources
Special Notice Covid-19
06/30/20 IROS submission (papers, workshops, tutorials) decisions emailed to authors.
For those with pending RA-L (with IROS Option) decisions, RA-L will contact them no later than mid-July 2020.
07/06/20 Final Paper upload (on Paper Plaza) opened. Conference Registration (on IEEE cvent) opened. FAQs released. Final Submission instructions added. Hotel Information updated
07/31/20 Final Paper upload (on Paper Plaza) closed
08/04/20 Participation in Robot Challenges announced
08/10/20 Request for 15-min pre-recorded Video of technical talk to all authors
08/15/20 Deadline for IROS Award Nominations (Harashima; Distiguished Service; Toshio Fukuda Young Professional)
09/02/20 Deadline for 15-min pre-recorded Video (23:59 Pacific Time)
09/07/20 Announced both cancellation of in-person format and pivot to On-Demand format
09/23/20 Announced that IROS Registration will be free for authors and non-authors and includes publishing in Proceedings and IEEE XPlore